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STEM Approved Activities & Fun in Princeton, Plainsboro and West Windsor

Expand your child’s mind through the help of our incredible STEM activities. Learn everything from Robotics through to Game design. The center is centrally located and is easily accessible by residents of West Windsor, Princeton, Plainsboro, East Windsor, Montgomery, Lawrenceville, Robbinsville, Hamilton, Cranbury and south Brunswick.


The definition of STEM

STEM is an educational series that encompasses several key disciplines. It is a curriculum that has been developed to help educate students on four specific topics.

These topics include science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Instead of the traditional way of teaching them as 4 individual topics, STEM aims to teach them as one subject so your child can understand it better.


Courses we currently offer

Currently, we have a number of STEM courses available each has been carefully developed to not only meet the standards of WW-P but to surpass them. Signing your child up for a STEM program opens up a number of doors for your child in the future.

All of the courses we currently offer are listed below. Please ensure that you read all of them to work out which one is best for your child.


Robotics Fun & Engineering

The Scholar Tree is proud to bring you our one of a kind Robotics program. Carefully developed to match the standards of the WW-P our robotics course takes your child on a fun filled experience while they develop their own robot from scratch.

Our robotics program covers all manner of Science and Engineering subjects, and even some rudimentary math concepts. However, it is all delivered in a riveting atmosphere designed to capture students attentions and inspire them to progress as their own choice. Read more…


Game Design/Coding Introductory courses

Games are everywhere these days you can’t walk down the street anymore without seeing someone staring down at their phone playing a game. With our Game design and coding course, we teach your child how to use a number of specialists’ software and eventually teach them to develop their own game.

Children who aspire towards a technical career in game development need an early headstart if they want to succeed in one of the world’s most competitive industries. We have introduced a large quantity of students to this workshop and it always helps. Read more…


Hands on Minds Zone

Improve your child’s motor skills and logical thinking with this fun hands on lesson. The Hands on Minds Zone has been carefully developed to help introduce younger children into developing their interests in Science and technology.

Fantastic for developing intelligence, common sense & critical thinking abilities. We cover many useful subjects during Hands on Minds through dynamic and exciting activities, which is why our students remember so much afterwards. Read more…

Digital Workshop

Digital workshop is a program carefully designed to cover various important and fun filled aspects of Digital world ranging from Digital Art & Paint, digital game design to digital image editing techniques.  Read more

Arts & Crafts Workshop

Bring your child’s creative side out with this extraordinarily exciting Arts and crafts course. Developed to bring the most out in your child this is perfect for anyone looking to expand their artistic ability.

During this workshop we discover an array of different techniques and explore the possibilities of 2D and 3D art. Includes painting, drawing, & digital styles. Read more…


What age group are our STEM approved classes & workshops aimed towards?

Children anywhere from 3rd grade through 7th grade gain a massive benefit to their education by following one of our STEM courses. We cover a variety of topics that help with school from grades 3rd to 8th. Besides this, the lessons we deliver are also valuable knowledge for students to bear in mind for the future.

About Us

At The Scholar Tree we believe that we can provide quality education without eroding it of its value. Although we teach them school work we also have an after school program that takes care of things like teaching them important life skills lessons (e.g., why and how they should save water, why and how to respect others, the importance of prayer, etc).  Read More...