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Learn Robotics in Princeton, West Windsor and Plainsboro with “The Scholar Tree”.

Our center is conveniently located to cater residents of below townships as well:

  • East Windsor
  • Montgomery
  • Robbinsville
  • Hamilton
  • Lawrenceville
  • Cranbury
  • South Brunswick

The winning combination of Engineering & Science

Let your child develop their knowledge in Robotics with this fun and one of a kind course. Suitable for children of any skill level from grades 3rd through 7th.

Focusing on a handpicked selection of Science and Engineering subjects. It is the perfect place for your child to get a firm grasp on the world of robotics through fun & practical activities.


What is Robotics?

Robotics has been in the news a lot recently with many new machines being developed which are taking the place of humans in a number of factories. With robots being so popular as of late what would be better than to prepare your child for working with them in the future.

Robotics is an up and coming industry that is only going to grow so help your child break the ice and get a first-hand experience. Even though Robotics isn’t a main subject at school we believe it should due to the way humanity is heading. Much of our day to day life is helped by the use of robots so as we develop this we need more people to bring new ideas to the industry.


Fun & Safe teaching

The reason our base of educational courses are such a success with children is because the Scholar Tree emphasises fun and safety above all else. Using this system we find our students feel safe and happy to learn new topics in an altogether different atmosphere (more relaxed!) from school.


The Scholar Tree Robotics Curriculum

We dive into the world of robotics using lots of fun practical experiments to impart knowledge in an immersive manner. From creating a digital clock and setting up a basic electric circuit all the way to building a full blown robot vehicle – our curriculum touches on many facets of hands on engineering.


Activities covered during this Workshop

  • We teach all aspects of the engineering design process
  • We give hands on experience with LEGO EV3
  • We teach your child the basics of programming with simple challenges
  • We help your child develop their team working skills.
  • We have an innovatively designed program designed to help and encourage your child to participating in various national robotics competitions like FLL Jr., FLL, FTC and FRC.


Educational Topics covered in this Workshop

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science


A comprehensive introduction to robots & robotics disciplines

The creation of robots plays a massive part in the world’s business industries today. Learning about the craft is an excellent introduction to a vast amount of different career choices, from computer engineering all the way to artificial intelligence!

The main goal of this Scholar Tree program is to start by giving a broad introduction to robotics so students can then form their own opinions and choose their own path. Following this, we offer even more detailed lessons.


STEM Approved Robotics Activities

By following the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) practical guidelines we follow state of the art educational policies. In terms of robotics and science, there are some extremely fun activities to participate in!


What can robotics do for my child?

You may be wondering besides the skills they gain what else can robotics do for my child. Well with our Robotic tutoring and lessons your child will also develop in the following areas:

  • A strong foundation in Engineering & Science
  • Become technically creative and competent
  • Discover fun new hobbies to experiment with
  • Build self confidence
  • Analysis Skills
  • Helps develop computational thinking


Introduce your child to programming and logic building!

Being to able to understand what is actually going on inside a robot is going to be a viable skill in the next few years. Robots are still a rather touchy subject for people. This becomes more of a problem when they don’t understand how it works, being able to look at it and understand how it works demystifies the technology and removes this fear.


What age students is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone in the following grades:

  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade



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