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Game Design, Coding Courses & Tutoring in New Jersey

Get hands on technical experience in the world’s most sought after professions

The Scholar Tree Coding & Gaming Design courses are designed to give a thorough introduction to the technical world. We encompass a large variety of lessons during our Workshop that give students a massive head start in highly competitive industries.

It’s vital in today’s society for students to be introduced to programming at a young age. After all, young people need to develop digital skills to secure a successful future in writing with code!


Why Video Game Design?

Gaming plays a large part in children’s lives these days with it being so easily accessible. Whether they are playing Clash Royale on their mobile phone or Call of Duty on the Xbox One, we can all agree that children love games.

Why Game Design and coding? Our Game Design course helps your child understand what it takes for someone to create a game like the ones they play every day.


Fun & Safety first

At the Scholar Tree we want our students to have fun in a safe environment whilst also learning an array of useful skills. Our coding & gaming course is no exception.


When introducing the core concepts of game design and development, fun is a vital part of the process. We like to break down the intimating concept of game creation into a manageable syllabus for students of all ages to enjoy and learn from.


We adhere to all national safety policies and consistently conduct risk assessments to maintain maximum security and protection of all students. Every child has the right to feel and be safe, which gives them the freedom to pursue their goals.

All art workshop projects are supervised and we use no dangerous or sharp objects.


Our curriculum for Game Design & Coding

We think a broad spectrum of technical expertise gives students of any age a strong head start. Any IT or code related career requires a vast amount of knowledge. The Scholar Tree program focuses on helping children understand the full scope of game creation, including understanding of coding, coding languages and more.


Our methodology

At the beginning of our program with start off with an idea discussion with your child. This is where we get all the information we need so we can to start to develop the characters and controls for the game.

After the brainstorm it is then time for the planning stage. This not only helps lay out how the game will work but it also teaches your child a valuable lesson about how important planning is to the success of a project.

Once all the planning is out of the way it’s time for your kid to get their hands dirty and start developing their game. Before diving into the loops, arrays or any coding logics,  we give your child a full breakdown of all the software they are going to be used to ensure they fully understand it. When your child is comfortable with all the software we will start the development process.

We believe the best way to teach someone game design is to give them a hands on experience with it. To finish off the course your child will have to not only test their game also test other students projects. We do this so not only can they find all the bugs in their games but it also helps to get the creative juices flowing. Playing other students games may give your child an idea of what they could do to improve their game.


An introduction to coding & programming

Students with a desire to develop code and programming knowledge will find our workshop a fantastic first impression. We encompass an array of fundamental topics during the lesson that gives students an opportunity to see the causes and effects of coding with hands on activity.


Professional developer or designer as a future career choice

Earlier this century younger students possessed life goals such as becoming an astronaut or pilot. Nowadays in the present, a video game developer / creator or IT developer is one of the most aspired to be roles.

The Scholar Tree covers all the necessary bases to provide students with a solid foundation to prepare for a future career in gaming. This workshop is the best place for children to get a real interpretation of what the industry of games development is like. We accomplish this by covering many different areas of the role.

Game Design topics covered

  • Game development
  • Animation
  • Software
  • Game design
  • Coding platform
  • 3D Modeling
  • Game creation
  • Testing and improvement

What could be better than allowing your child to develop their own game that they can play and share with people from all over the world?

What else do they get out of it?

Learning coding empowers kids for kids, it’s just as hard as learning a new language. Kids become fluent with technology, boost confidence and self-esteem.


A head start for two of the world’s most competitive industries

A career in game creation or design is an achievable dream for every student who puts in the care and effort to learn early on. It is a competitive industry – a head start is vital for any child who wants a future in Information Technology.

This is exactly what this Scholar Tree workshop was created for – to give children an opportunity to understand how games are made, and the basics of coding languages and syntax.


Can this course provide real development?

A large amount of children would jump at the chance to learn how to make video games and understand the creation process. We find that through our workshop, many students walk away with a thorough understanding of how the overall process works. This is a fantastic way for younger kids to find out if they want to keep on learning and take it a step further.

Additional perks & benefits of this Scholar Tree Workshop

  • Develop a knowledge of programming
  • Flexible tuition to help develop game design and coding skills
  • Code Academy Approved Practices
  • Carefully designed new challenges in each lesson


Game Design & Coding lessons in Plainsboro, Princeton and West Windsor

Our program center can be easily reached from below townships of New Jersey. It is suitable for children from 3rd grade onwards.

  • Plainsboro
  • West Windsor
  • Princeton
  • Montgomery
  • East Windsor
  • Hamilton
  • Lawrenceville
  • Cranbury
  • Robinsville

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