Hands On Minds Zone

HandsOn-MindsZone @”The Scholar Tree”:

What is HandsOn-MindsZone?

HandsOn-MindsZone = “Do it Yourself Fun Activities based Science Program”

Hands-on Minds Zone projects at “The Scholar Tree” are specially designed for children to develop their interest towards Science and Technology in a fun packed environment.

All of our meticulously chosen Hands-on science activities are fun and keep students actively engaged along with learning important science principles. All of our fun-filled activities are coupled with active learning, which help the children accurately remember the information that they learn.

Why hands-on science is important?

(Based on Edgar Dale: “Cone of learning” example from Wiki)

We at The Scholar Tree belive that teaching kids by making them participate in hands-on workshop improve their learning ability at large.

It’s proven that Kids learn best when they are involved in the learning. Hands on programs also provide platform to students engage their senses: Observe, Ask, Touch, Smell and Experiment.

Hands on exercise help students developed their critical thinking skills. Many times hands on exercise helps them answers some of the questions (why, how etc.) by themselves. Students learn scientific process along the way.


How are we different?

Hands-on Minds Zone projects at The Scholar Tree are specially designed for kids learning to develop their interest toward Science and Technology in extremely entertaining and joyful way.

  • The Scholar Tree provides an even playing fields to Students to participate.
  • Our Programs enforces Students to think
  • We help develop student’s problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • At The Scholar Tree all Students are encouraged to ask questions.
  • We help Students practice cause-and-effect thinking.
  • At The Scholar Tree Students rely less on authority and more on practical experience.


About Us

At The Scholar Tree we believe that we can provide quality education without eroding it of its value. Although we teach them school work we also have an after school program that takes care of things like teaching them important life skills lessons (e.g., why and how they should save water, why and how to respect others, the importance of prayer, etc).  Read More...