Game Designing Classes

Game Design and Coding courses and Private Tutoring

It’s vital in today’s society for students to be introduced to programming at a young age. After all, it’s an enjoyable subject but it takes a lot of time and practice to refine their skills.

Why Game Design and coding?

Gaming plays a large part in children’s lives these days with it being so easily accessible. Whether they are playing angry birds on their mobile phone or Call of Duty on the Xbox or Play station, we can all agree that children love games. Our Game Design course helps your child understand what it takes for someone to create a game like the ones they play every day. Throughout the course we will be covering the following topics:

  • the basics of 3D modelling
  • animation software
  • the logic of game design
  • programming in fun packed activities
  • SDLC

What could be better than allowing your child to develop their own game that they can play and share with people from all over the world?

What else do they get out of it?

  • Learning coding empowers kids
  • For kids, it’s as easy as learning new language
  • Kids become fluent with technology
  • boost confidence and self-esteem

Many years ago many influential people from the tech industry made a point about how computer programming should be a requirement in junior high school. The reason behind this is the belief that all children should understand “Computational thinking”. Computational thinking is nothing but a problem-solving process that includes some characteristics as logical ordering, analysing data and developing solutions by series of steps. Students who develop their Computational thinking skills will start to see relationships between different subjects which in turn helps them to develop their grades across multiple subjects. We live in more complex world than ever before, where technology plays a major role. Everyday more roles / jobs require computer skills which is both – coding and computational thinking. To prepare them for better future and live successfully in a world where technology will be integral part of their personal and professional lives – we must prepare them and nurture them to excel.

How are we different?

At Scholar Tree, we take tremendous pride in preparing kids for “Computational Thinking” and not only coding. Our programs help kids learn Computational Thinking in fun and creative way.

Our methodology

At the beginning of our program with start off with an idea discussion with your child. This is where we get all the information we need so we can to start to develop the characters and controls for the game. After the brainstorm its time for the planning stage. This not only helps lay out how the game will work but it also teaches your child a valuable lesson about how important planning is to the success of a project. Once all the planning is out of the way it’s time for your kid to get their hands dirty and start developing their game. Before diving into the code we give your child a full breakdown of all the software they are going to be used to ensure they fully understand it. Once your child is comfortable with all the software we will start the development process. We believe the best way to teach someone game design is to give them a hands on experience with it. To finish off the course your child will have to not only test their game also test other students projects. We do this so not only can they find all the bugs in their games but it also helps to get the creative juices flowing. Playing other students games may give your child an idea of what they could do to improve their game.

Other benefits:

  • Develop a knowledge of programming
  • Flexible tuition to help develop game design and coding skills
  • Code Academy Approved Practices
  • Carefully designed new challenges in each program to help your child develop their game design and coding skills

Where is the Scholar Game Design & Coding Program based?

Our centrally located center could be easily reached by residents of below townships of New Jersey

  • Princeton
  • West Windsor
  • Plainsboro
  • Robbinsville
  • Montgomery
  • East Windsor
  • South Brunswick
  • Lawrenceville

We also cater to outside of this area, please contact us for details!

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone in the following grades

  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade

About Us

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