After School Enrichment Program

Disclaimer :

Our “After School Enrichment Program” is not a day care / child care program. This program is meant for homework help / enrichment in different fields. 

Learning After School

“The Scholar Tree “offers a friendly and safe environment with a relaxed approach to learning. When a hard day of work in school is complete, the main focus is to teach students new subject matter using a fun approach – we want to encourage a hearty appetite for learning

About the Scholar Tree “After School Enrichment Program” :

“After School Program” at the Scholar Tree begins at the end of the school day up until 5:30 PM. During this time we offer an atmosphere for students to relax and wind down from the school day. We also like to use this time to help out with homework and add a personal touch to any learning that might have been missed throughout the day!

Your child may or may not be getting all of their needs fulfilled during the school day. Our center was created to combat that – provide a respite for children who desire help and a springboard for those who want to perform even better. Contact the Scholar Tree if you would like additional information regarding our After School Program.


For more details, please visit our transportation page.

Our core belief and mission

It’s an important part children’s lives when the bell rings and students begin packing up their bags – the day isn’t over but the intensive atmosphere of the classroom is over. We think this is the perfect time for learners to indulge in some extra curricular goals in a pressure free environment. This is exactly what we pursue at The Scholar Tree, we think our greatest success is to instill a healthy desire for more knowledge.

The benefits of our After School Enrichment Program

  • Building social skills and self-confidence through communication and fun team building.
  • Follows professional curriculum in a casual manner.
  • A friendly place to develop relationships and positive memories with new friends.
  • Develop skills upon the knowledge gained during the day.
  • A casual yet encouraging approach towards academic and enrichment pursuits.
  • Experienced supervisors that interact on a personal level and involve everyone for enrichment activities

Included activities

  • Relax + Fun + Learn: The program includes Home work help and other enrichment tutorials.
  • Homework: We understand that the children homework is very important aspect in their daily schedule. We also understand the value of parent’s quality time with their kids. As per a research conducted at Brown University, it was found that stress and tension for families (as reported by the parents) increased most when parents perceived themselves as unable to help with the homework or when the child disliked doing the homework and when the homework caused arguments, either between the child and adults or among the adults in the household. We believe that home should be a safe and happy place for students. “A child goes to school all day and they’re under stress. If they come home and it’s more of the same, that’s not good for anyone.” Therefore, our teachers support and help all the children in their regular homework on daily basis, so the child goes home happily and spend good quality time with the parents.
  • Enrichment : Our program offers variety of enrichment activities including Math enrichment, Science enrichment, Computer enrichment and Arts enrichment.

Where is the Scholar Tree After School Center based?

We offer transportation from schools of several townships of New Jersey

  • Princeton
  • West Windsor
  • Plainsboro

We also cater to outside of this area, please contact us for details!

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone in the following grades

  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade

About Us

At The Scholar Tree we believe that we can provide quality education without eroding it of its value. Although we teach them school work we also have an after school program that takes care of things like teaching them important life skills lessons (e.g., why and how they should save water, why and how to respect others, the importance of prayer, etc).  Read More...