Digital Workshop

3D Paint: You can be a great artist or simply can’t draw two-dimensional art, but doing it in 3D using Microsoft 3D Paint is so much fun and our carefully developed curriculum has made it really simple for children with or without any digital art background. Learning 3D art brings great creativity and ideas to digital life. Take your imagination to next level by painting cool 3D images.

Kodu : Kodu is a visual programming language, specifically made for developing games. Part of digital workshop, kids will learn about programming and develop their logical skills by developing game using Kodu. Kodu programming model can be programmed using gaming controller or computer keyboard and mouse. Children will learn about variables, loops, number and string manipulation and so on.

PicsArt : PicsArt is a powerful photo editor. Taking picture is an art but making any picture to awesome picture is an art which you can develop by learning this PicsArt program. Express your creativity with nearly limitless features included in PicsArt photo editor. Develop your artistry with photo and editing challenges and discover pictures you love and learn to make them.

Collage Me : CollageMe- It can be for your school or home, developing and building creativity of organizing is must and infect anyone can learn more and get more organized with this workshop. At The Scholar Tree we inspire student’s creativity and help them better remember information by using Collage to encourage both visual and verbal learning. Learn Collage Me to not only organize but also create compelling visual stories. Our Digital Workshop at The Scholar Tree has been carefully designed and implemented to prepare today’s young generation for upcoming digital evolution.

Where is the Scholar Tree Digital Workshop Program based?

Our centrally located center could be easily reached by residents of below townships of New Jersey

      • Princeton
      • West Windsor
      • Plainsboro
      • Robbinsville
      • Montgomery
      • East Windsor
      • South Brunswick
      • Lawrenceville

    We also cater to outside of this area, please contact us for details!

Who is this course suitable for?

    This course is suitable for anyone in the following grades

    • 3rd Grade
    • 4th Grade
    • 5th Grade
    • 6th Grade
    • 7th Grade

About Us

At The Scholar Tree we believe that we can provide quality education without eroding it of its value. Although we teach them school work we also have an after school program that takes care of things like teaching them important life skills lessons (e.g., why and how they should save water, why and how to respect others, the importance of prayer, etc).  Read More...